Sell Hope

If you are going to sell me something…

Sell me Hope.


Thanking Back Ty

I never met Ty Bennett┬áin person. But I know he reached his first million in his 20’s.

I asked him if there’d be any book that he’d suggest, what would it be? He suggested this book, The Go-Giver.

It is one of the most special gifts I ever had. The gift of finding an invaluable gem.

To see what the book is about, here is a funtastic video.


Invest in You

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YOU are your greatest investment.

So pay yourself first.

Eat heartily yet healthy.

Buy great books and read them.

Add to your learning.

Spend on yourself…

For YOU are your greatest investment.

True Wealth

In the past three days I observed a few insanely rich people.

They are well-known.

They are awed.

But most importantly, they are loved.


They are not just go-getters, they are go-givers. They are champions at giving.

Not just giving anything away but giving the good stuff–great stuff. Stuff that people need.

They give hope, they give inspiration, they give love.

The Parable of the Talents

The parable of the talents. Suppose your time on earth were a talent, or a set of finite talents, and that you can do whatever you wanted with it. Wouldn’t it be great for the Master to find us and say, “Well done, you have used the time I entrusted you with well.”?

The parable of the talents.

Choices. Be careful.

Wrong choices cost money. More than that, they cost precious time especially when it’s not your time that you just wasted.


While listening to Jomar Hilario’s webinar on Online Marketing, this became my muni-muni mumbling:

Marketing is like having a husband. He will eventually come into your life, you only need to prepare.