There is only one person who commits no mistake. He is GOD.

As for the rest of the great humans, mistakes are abundant in their lives. What matters is that they learn from each and all of them, every time. Mistakes are necessary in the path to greatness.


Formula for Sleep

Allergic Rhinitis + Antihistamines + Work = Sleep


Worrying. You have to constantly remind yourself to stop worrying.

It is a conscious choice.

After all, if you are persistent enough and not quit, the answers will find you.

You hear me?


The good thing about home-based work is that you work at home.

The bad thing about it is that, you work at home.

The Power of Spoken Words

Words are powerful.

Let’s make a simple test.

When you are tired, say to yourself audibly, I can still do more!

Watch how you will feel.

Watch how you will act.

Asking Is Not Enough

In life, it is not enough to just ask. You need to ask the right questions.

Choices. Be careful.

Wrong choices cost money. More than that, they cost precious time especially when it’s not your time that you just wasted.